Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wooden Heels Part II

So I didn't have much luck today finding an affordable alternative to my wooden shoe craze, let alone anything vintage in my size. However, I did find a couple more options to choose from... I think I will have to splurge on one great pair of wooden heels for summer... which ones do you guys like??
(This photo looks horrible... they look way better on the site!)

I absolutely love the bows on both of these.... totally my style....

Now I have something to work for in the shop! :)


  1. Those Miss Sixty ones are a delight, I think they are meant to be worn naked though, one wouldn't want ones clothes to compete! Love them.

  2. adorable shoes! I am still tryin to find an alternative to some steven sandals I saw for $139! I can sympathize!

  3. ahhh! I know.. but those bows are just too cute to resist... I will have to do some MAJOR hunting!! :))

  4. those aldo ones look a LOT like Marc Jacobs' cutout booties but WAAY cheaper!!!!


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