Tuesday, June 16, 2009

**A piece of silk paradise....

While getting distracted last night on Etsy, I stumbled upon these wonderful hand painted silk scarves.  Aren't they just stunning?  

scarf green

I personally love the "Caribbean Sea" scarf which is made up of gorgeous shades of Aqua & Blue.

scarf pink

As well as the lovely "Just Like Ice Cream" scarf in wonderful shades of pear & strawberry mousse. According to the very talented artist, Maria, both were "inspired by the Spring air...." Beautifully light & airy, a perfect romantic addition to any outfit...  

Take Maria's advice, "Nothing dresses up an outfit better than accessories, and a silk scarf is THE classiest one!"  Also check out her website for great tips on how to wear a scarf including 6 ways to wear a scarf around your neck, complete with pictures! ♥ (ps. Both of these scarves include free shipping, if you buy through Etsy!)

**White Jeans - Yay or Nay?

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely loving the idea of white jeans for breezy Summer evenings! They're the perfect alternative to my worn out Caribbean washed 7 jeans, with a more classy, polished look.  ♥


I'm especially loving these jeans paired with a light, airy floral blouse & sky high wedges. It's the perfect evening look for me, especially since I already own numerous floral blouses, just like these.  While browsing Etsy this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by these two tropical beauties! ♥


Would love to hear what you think! ♥

Monday, June 15, 2009

**Monday morning outfit....

It's officially Monday, & I have to face the reality that I can no longer put off finding a job.. (Which is my least favorite thing to do ever!)


And I couldn't think of a better way to brighten my mood this morning, than by slipping into my favorite floral dress... Do you know the feeling, when you put on that favorite dress & it somehow immediately puts a smile on your face?

Although it's far from what I usually wear on Monday mornings, I'm hoping that maybe this dress will give me the inspiration to go look for a job. That is if I ever stop procrastinating by taking photos & messing around in photoshop... I guess you could say I'm easily distracted! ♥

Thursday, June 11, 2009

**Too many dresses... Not enough time....

When the wonderful Ashley from Vintage Petals tagged me to pick some of my Etsy favorites, I didn't realize how long it would actually take. I don't know about you, but I could spend hours & hours looking through my favorite Etsy shops. Not to mention all the lovely handmade shops, whose dresses just seem to blow me away with their intricate details! And that's not even getting into accessories & what not. That would take another few hours! :) 

So here are a few of my favorites... I've been on the lookout for the perfect white Summer sundress.  This linen one is fabulous with it's loose fit, classic shape, & tiny lace detail!  I love how she added that blue sash for just the right pop of color.

You can't beat the price on this next lovely little dress!  Perfect for lounging around on lazy Summer days.  I love the subtle ruffled details that add just a hint of femininity.

And if you're not in the mood for white, these pale versions are a great alternative!  I love the subtle pink hue, a perfect combination with the abundance of ruffles on this dress.  If it weren't already reserved, I'd probably snatch it up right now!
Another perfect pale hue, simple with just the right amount of girly details!

I'm also loving these light, floral watercolor prints on airy, sheer fabrics, they make perfect sundresses!

And if you're looking for a great cocktail dress for your next Summer party, these two handmade lovelies are perfect.  Sheer chiffon, lovely lace, and intricate layers make me wish I had somewhere to wear one of these romantic beauties!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

**Twitter friends & classy vintage minis...

A couple weeks ago my lovely twitter friends & I were talking about the super short mini skirts of the season & how incredibly short they actually are! From what I've heard, most of you agreed on the fact that we don't exactly like the idea of having to worry about whether our booties are showing or if something is hanging out!

So here are my perfect alternatives. These skirts add a little bit of length & class while keeping the same great style. Most of them are slightly above knee length & all of them will be in the boutique by tonight! Enjoy..... ♥

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

**Credit where credit is due....

While searching through Etsy today for a perfect white sundress, I stumbled upon this lovely shop, Salvagelife. She has some of the most beautiful 1950's dresses ever! And not only does her style remind me a bit of my own, she also has a very similar look to the wonderful vintage store here in downtown Napa called, "Betty's Girl Boutique."

I drive down First street almost daily to window shop & drool over her newest additions, and have constantly been honked/yelled at for holding up traffic.  

Also from what I've heard about Betty, she includes complimentary custom alterations with every dress purchase.  Oh to have skills like that!  Once I finally find a decent part time job, I would love to take a few sewing classes, & one day be able to tailor all of my own dresses!  For those of you who ever make it to downtown Napa, Betty's girl boutique is located at 1239 First Street.

P.S. I think I may start featuring 1 Etsy seller a week... what do you think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

**Something to look forward to.... (Even if it is raining!)

Just a few of my newest additions.... I am absolutely in love with the first one!  It's perfect with its lovely floral print, lightweight sheer material, cute little flutter sleeves, & the most adorable lace trim.  This one was definatly a hard one to let go of! ♥

**Italian water lilly....

myTida - $55

I must add one more lovely handbag to this list, that I just now found on Etsy.  It is a beautiful azure blue handbag, handmade with high quality denim with the cutest little bow.  Not only that, but it comes from the beautiful city of Milan, Italy.  I just couldn't resist! ♥

**June gloom....

I know it's kind of hard to stay cheerful when the weather looks gray and overcast every morning, but what better way to warm up these dreadful mornings then by adding a vibrantly colored clutch? Whether it be electric blue or pink, here are just a few of my favorites available right now on Etsy. And if you're really up for it try the teal sequined clutch with a neutral blouse. Happy Monday everyone! ♥
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