Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bows for your Toes....

What a cute little way to dress up your feet! I immediately fell in love with these Carvela Gwen heels.  Not only is the blue satin color gorgeous, but I love the idea of the back bow!

Ohhh and how could I resist this FUSCIA pair by Lanvin?? I think I may be inspired to try dressing a pair of my heels up with bows... what do you guys think??

p.s. I found the perfect location for my first "abandoned beauty" photoshoot!! - So stick around! I'm off to hit a couple thrifts today & hopefully an estate sale tonight... wish me luck....

♥ Tiff


  1. I'm loving the bow action!

    Especially the blue satin pair. AMAZING.

  2. I so wish we had estate sales here in England, I'd go to so many!

  3. those back bows are the best touch!

  4. how amazing are these shoes!! I would stare at myself in the mirror looking backwards and then I would try and take pictures of my feet :)

  5. Hannah Chandler: The blue pair are my favorite, I wish I could see/feel them in person!!

    Hannah: There are lots around here, i'm just lazy about getting up early, plus lately a lot of people are calling them "estate" sales when they're really nothing more than bad garage sales! It gets really frustrating!

    Laura: haha... I can just imagine doing that! I would look at myself backwards & probably trip, since I tend to do that anyways! :)

  6. wow these shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. to die for, but I might just kill myself walking in them.

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