Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On a beach... somewhere....

So the boys dragged me to the new Fast & Furious movie, & although it is not really my type of thing, it was ok.  It made me want to slip on one of these dresses & head for a deserted beach somewhere in Mexico.  (Okay so I may have been day dreaming a bit during the movie)  But these dresses are lovely & although today felt like winter with the thunder storms and pouring rain, I can't help but dream of Summer... Or maybe I can pair one of these dresses with my favorite brown boots, belt, & coat when Spring kicks back into gear....  Either way, here they are & all will be in the store this week! :)

♥ This one has a super cute embroidered neckline. ♥

♥ This one is actually a deeper purple color with a lovely ethnic print. ♥

♥ I love the adorable crocheted & ribbon details. ♥

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