Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter my Lovelies**

1940's Sheer Pink Lovely - $58
(Coming tonight)

My new Easter tradition is to make chocolate covered strawberries. But instead of using regular chocolate, I opt for white chocolate which is easily dyed into lovely pastel colors. They end up super cute & delicious. I will show you how I do this later, it's super easy & makes a lovely Easter gift. 

Now that I have my listings done for the day, I will be working on these & then heading to my grandmother's for dinner. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend & remembers what Easter is really about...

Oh ya.. and by the way here are a few new dresses that will be in the store tonight. The rhinestone dress is my new favorite & if my Easter dress doesn't arrive today I will be wearing that one tomorrow! :))

1940's Grey Lovely w/Cute Little Daisies - $40
(Coming tonight)

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