Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abandoned beauty....

While browsing through different blogs this morning I stumbled upon a few Dean Isidro photos from Venice, that I absolutely fell in love with. His dramatic textures & colors combined with beautiful models & dresses, just blew me away. I've always loved monochromatic blues.  In high school, I took an art class where my concentration was blue self portraits.  (I will try to find & post some of these later....) There's something about the color that has always intrigued me. It's calming and draws you in, yet also a bit depressing.  The use of blue definatly adds a lot of emotion. 

Dean Isidro's photographs reminded me of this girl Beth who I found on myspace. I absolutely love her photography as well. She takes the abandoned & neglected, and photographs them in a way that gives them new life & beauty. Much in the same way that us vintage collectors find abandoned & sometimes neglected dresses & work at giving them another life.  I've always been fascinated by abandoned buildings and the occupants that once lived there, just like my love for vintage dresses & the stylish women of the past that wore them. At any rate, both photographers use of color & texture amaze me! I sense a series of my own photographs in the near future.... What do you think.... 
How beautiful would these dresses look like in a setting similar to one the previous photographs?  I think the neutral colors & romantic feeling of these dresses would be a nice contrast to a textured dramatic background...


  1. oh my goodness. i adore those photographs of abandoned spaces! thanks so much for following my blog! so glad to have you along!

  2. I really love those house photos. I love when people show beauty in something "ugly".
    Nice post.
    xox, mavi

  3. I love the feel of all the pics. that 70,s dress is quite lovely too:)

  4. Beautiful photos...yes let's see yours!

  5. I need to go searching for locations now... once I get my car back!

  6. Hello Vintage Rose! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, you're a sweetheart!

    And thank you for letting me discover Dean Isidro's photographs, they're just amazing...


  7. Erin: No problem, blogging is my new addiction! haha...

    Paula: Thanks!! :)

    Sarah-Lou: Aren't they! I only wish I could travel to Florence & work a camera like that!


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