Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm more of a black & white girl myself....

I've always considered myself a black and white sort of person. You know all or nothing. It's really hard for me to see the middle ground sometimes. I tend to either put all my time & effort into something or absolutely no energy into it at all. My career, relationships, & dreams have always followed this black and white philosophy. I think that is where my passion stems from, yet also my tendency to change my mind all the time & start something new. It's not considered failure if you're the one that decides to quit & move on. However, "There is no failure except in no longer trying," as Elbert Hubbard says. I am going to definatly have to work on this. I know for one thing that I have always been my hardest critic.

But on a more cheerful note... remember I said I wanted a 70's black & white floral dress?? Well I found this one today & absolutely love it... if only it were short sleeved.... hmmm, I really wish I knew how to sew better....

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