Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shades of grey....

I must admit that I have been a little bored lately, shooting, editing, measuring (Which I absolutely hate!), and posting because it has kept me inside the last few days... so today I am heading off to the thrifts with hopes of finding some lovely little treasures!  I always try to shop early in the morning, but I can never seem to get moving before around 12.  I guess I must face the fact that I will never be a morning person... I think it has to do with working in a restaurant for the past 5 years & not going to sleep until after 2 every night.  (Which by the way I still don't miss at all!)

Just a few shots I was messing around with in Photoshop last night.  I've always loved black & white photography way more than color... they just seem to have so much more emotion!


  1. yeah the black and whites are so moody. Thanks for my lovely dress and sweet card!

  2. You're very welcome!! I hope you had a great birthday & that the dress fits!!

  3. a) you said my favorite word ever, gray.
    b) these are great shots!
    c) i hate measuring too! i hired it out in fact! ha!

  4. If only I could sell a few more items a day I would do the exact same thing!! :)

  5. You and I sound so similar! Taking pictures, measuring,'s all so dull. Thriftering (the art of finding fabulous things at thrift stores) is a nice little perk for me as well. But then I have to take pictures, measure, and post all those fabulous things...seems to be a vicious cycle :) But I like it.

    And how do you get your etsy store advertised on your gadgets? I tried figuring it out, but I can't...


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