Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vintage Present.....

Well since there's no way I can bring back that sexy little black dot dress whether for myself or the store, here are a few of my favorites that are available right now.....

This 1950's dress has been sitting in my store lonely for quite awhile.  It has the loveliest pink pansy print & cute little cuffs on the sleeves.  She's patiently waiting for someone to wear her! :)

If you're looking for pink, then this dress is gorgeous! It's made of a lightweight sheer cotton with the prettiest white embroidered flowers. Perfect 1950's shape with an adorable swing skirt. Very feminine & classy.

This last gray 1940's dress, was actually one of the first dresses I ever bought specifically for Vintage Rose. It's handmade with sheer organdy & has the loveliest little pink daisy print. And of course a super fun & flirty skirt!  Perfect for Spring!

I would love to wear any one of these lovelies on a day like today.  That is if I didn't have so much work in front of my computer.  The rain's finally gone & everything is so fresh & full of life!  Oh well, maybe on Mother's Day.

xoxo Tiff


  1. I wish I felt more natural in florals because they are so so lovely.


  2. I am totally in love with the cute pink dress, its so beautiful.xx


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