Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ghost of vintage past....

I still can't get over that royal blue Marc Jacobs dress from yesterday!  I don't care if it's raining outside, if I had it I would slip it on right now with my favorite black boots & coat.  It reminds me of this adorable black & white dot dress I sold when I first opened Vintage Rose.  It was made out of this super lightweight semi-sheer cotton and had the cutest shape with a ruffle down the bodice almost exactly like the Marc Jacobs one.  It's one of the few dresses I wish I would've kept for myself.  Oh well, the great thing about selling vintage is that I never know what lovely & wonderful dresses I will discover tomorrow!


  1. a fellow-vintage lover! ..it's a sweet blog you have here. love the dress!

  2. you devil, are you blogging a FANTASTIC dress that one cannot even buy? devil! that thing is amazing and so sexy meets pretty!! sash came with it?

  3. Thanks Quenchant!

    I know Lauren isn't it gorgeous?! I would love to wear it on a day like today & the sash did come with it!!


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