Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet Dreams....

Soft & silky, flowing feminine ruffles, & lovely floral prints.  What do all three of these things have in common??  They're exactly what I'm in the mood for, for Spring.

This dress is one of my favorites! Don't you just love the color? It reminds me of those satin heels from a couple weeks ago. With just the right amount of ruffles around the neckline & the perfect little bow around the waist. Hey and it might even make my eyes look blue...

This sheer teal one makes me want to head to the beach.  It would be a perfect dress to wear to dinner, when we head to Santa Cruz for my birthday...

I'm totally loving the shades on this dress. As a child, purple was always my favorite color. Although lately I've been more in the mood for pink. So what's better than combining the two, and adding just the right amount of black for a perfect contrasting floral print?!

Looks like I may actually have to get a day job or two to be able to afford these, but a girl can day dream right?!

♥ Tiff


  1. I keep seeing royal blue pop up all over the place. I am in love!


  2. Jane, That one's my favorite!
    Gracie, so am I.. I love that color!


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