Tuesday, May 19, 2009

**Forever 21 spreads the love.....

Thanks to blogger AlixRose, I was informed that Forever 21's new "Love" line came out yesterday. The line is supposed to be a bit more sophisticated, while the garments are made of a higher quality fabric. The dresses in the look book were quite lovely.  The first floral dress & the last chiffon one were two of my favorites!  I was a little disappointed though when I went to check out the store and realized neither dress was available for sale online. ♥

Some of the chiffon blouses were quite nice though, totally that sheer Summer look that I've been obsessing over lately.  ♥

I guess I will just have to wait until Love 21 hits the stores up here & hope that I run across one of those adorable little dresses! ♥

*Update: As I was finishing this post, I realized that they had just added another page of items... You can check all of Love 21 out here!


  1. LOOK 10 very soon ok?.

  2. You are already on "LOOK 10", if you are interested, please check and do some comment.
    Remember that you can ask for a change of look, even sending a photo with the look you think it’s better, but please make sure that the picture has an acceptable resolution.
    YOU ARE ON: http://look10.blogspot.com/2009/05/vintage-rose-clothing.html
    And if you want you can post a comment on your entry: http://look10.blogspot.com/2009/05/vintage-rose-clothing.html
    making some indications about the look presented.

    You can also ask to be removed from LOOK 10.
    Pick your prize, saying NOMINATED, placed on the left on Look 10, if you want. It’s for your blog.

  3. I truly want the entire collection. It's just too girly to resist! :)

  4. I agree Erika... it's very hard to choose only one piece or two... they are all LOVELY! :))


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