Friday, May 15, 2009

**All dressed up & no where to go...

I'm officially back to blogging after spending the last week without a voice & feeling like crap! So to celebrate the fact that I no longer sound like a 80 year old women who smoked her whole life, I decided to dress up a bit.  

Vintage 70's Rose print dress , Rory Beca leather belt, my favorite Hillard & Hanson wedges

Actually Friday's & Sunday's are two of the only days that I get to enjoy wearing my lovely vintage dresses.  The rest of the week I usually just throw on a feminine blouse & my favorite pair of Seven jeans.  I guess I just find it sort of a waist to get all dressed up when I spend most of my time behind the computer!  Well that & the fact that I don't find shopping for hours wearing a dress exactly comfortable.  

This all may be changing soon tho, because I have my fingers crossed on a couple part time jobs, which I'm keeping to myself until I hear the news about whether I got them or not. One thing for sure though, neither of them will be in the restaurant industry! (Thank God).  

Until that day, I will have to keep enjoying my wonderful Friday morning coffee with the girls. Today was beautiful, a perfect morning to sit outside & enjoy my vanilla latte. I am getting kinda worried though about how ridiculously hot this summer will probably be!  I have to warn you I'm extremely grumpy when I sweat... haha. Oh well, until then I will have to cherish this wonderful Spring breeze that is blowing through my window as the sun sets!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!! ♥


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