Friday, May 1, 2009

Checked out for the weekend....

I'm so happy it's Friday which means another exciting weekend of shopping is about to start!  And it's raining, which for some reason has put me in the greatest mood.  I absolutely adore the smell outside when it first starts to rain.  It's so calming & refreshing.  And this lovely rain means that I get to wear my favorite boots again!!  So happy Friday everyone.. & here is an outfit post to get you through the weekend.  Nothing too exciting, but this wonderful gingham print menswear shirt that I found at my new favorite thrift store.  It's super comfy & made of this extra soft & slick polyester.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm not wearing a table cloth... although it sure feels like one!  :))

Then I decided to add  a little preppy sweater... you know since it was raining and all....

♥ Tiff


  1. this outfit looks great...the gingham looks very UN-table-clothish. Very very cute!

  2. The top outfit is amazing! The top, the belt, tje jeans and the boots were made to be together. Adorable! I probably would have work skinny jeans with it, but seeing the way you wear it makes me realize that you know best.


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