Thursday, May 28, 2009

**Eye Candy Inspiration....

I'm kicking myself back into high gear after about a week of just being completely unmotivated.  I don't really know what came over me, but I'm happy to say I'm back.  What do you gals do when you feel overwhelmed with negativity & just can't seem to get inspired?  I would love to hear any of your suggestions....

And while your thinking here's a little bit of eye candy, which will all be going into the boutique tonight... enjoy! ♥

1960's Textured Pink Sundress - $45 (Coming tonight)

70's Lavender & White Sheer Sundress - $40 (Coming tonight)


  1. What do I do? I mope, sleep, force my cats to cuddle with me, eat food I shouldn't, watch reruns on hulu...and eventually I snap out of it.

    Lovely dresses :)

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, that mexican sundress is delicious!!

  3. beautiful pieces!

    when i'm not inspired i wallow in bed for a while, read a lot, and then participate in a lot of exercise, it's my formula for becoming re-energized. and for me, energy=inspiration.

  4. this might sound odd, but when i feel overwhelmed with bad feelings i put on music very loudly and then go through my whole closet and figure out new, interesting things to do with my clothes. channeling all my bad energy into being creative often gives me such good results! a bowl of coffee ice cream never hurts either :)

  5. Thanks everyone for all the lovely advice & compliments!! I have to agree with vintagepetals I'm always craving chocolate & ice cream when I don't feel like doing anything else! I can also relate to the cat thing. I always try to cuddle my cat Buddy when I'm in a bad mood & he's always trying to escape... haha! It's like he must know....

    Emmy, I've heard excercise is good for that although, I have to admit I hate working out!

    Annie, I do the same thing. I blast the music (country preferably)! There's just something about country music for me, I can't play it without it putting a smile on my face! Maybe it's because I grew up on it or some of the songs are just so funny & upbeat! I'll have to try the creating new outfits thing although, I doubt I would feel like it.. :)


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