Monday, March 23, 2009

Daughters of the Revolution**

I absolutely adore these Daughters of the Revolution sun dresses. Their beautiful floral prints, hippie inspired silhouettes, and lovely sheer fabrics are perfect for Spring! Designed by Malibu native Emily Cadenhead it was very interesting to learn that they are also dyed in chemical-free vegetable dyes. I can imagine wearing one of these as I walk barefoot down a beach....

 Although at $250 a piece, I may have to settle for the vintage version. At least for right now. Here are the best vintage substitutes I could find....

'70s Sheer Floral Dot Dress - $44

And my personal favorite...

And although neither of these are maxis, I fell in love with both of them!



  1. FYI, that first Daughters of the Revolution sundress is on sale at anthropologie!


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