Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life Update....

Sorry that I have been MIA over the last month, but I have been actively searching for a job... & in this economy especially in Napa it has taken me a bit longer than I had imagined. However, I'm happy to announce that I finally found a new serving job and will finish training tomorrow! I know I said I would never go back to working in a restaurant again, but I found the cutest little cafe with the sweetest employees & wonderful outdoor seating that I decided why not?? Plus I can't beat the money!

The beautiful drawing above was drawn by my lovely twitter friend Jade Boylan after one of my photographs!  Isn't it just great?? :) You can find it here if you're interested, along with all her other wonderful illustrations!

And just so you know... within the next week or so, I plan to have a grand re-opening of Vintage Rose.  During which I will be offering free shipping as well as a lot of lovely end of Summer additions to choose from! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me through this transition & I look forward to going back to new daily additions & regular blog posts in the coming week!

Hope you're all enjoying the end of Summer!

♥ Tiffany


  1. Congrats! on your new job. Love the little illustration

  2. wow thanks for posting the pic on your blog, i keep meaning to draw some more of the dresses but i can't decide which one to do first! thanks for the link as well :-D x

  3. Thanks gals! :) And you're very welcome Jade... I love that drawing & can't wait to see the others! haha... you sound like me when I'm trying to decide what to post or wear.. I love them all! <3


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