Tuesday, June 16, 2009

**White Jeans - Yay or Nay?

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely loving the idea of white jeans for breezy Summer evenings! They're the perfect alternative to my worn out Caribbean washed 7 jeans, with a more classy, polished look.  ♥


I'm especially loving these jeans paired with a light, airy floral blouse & sky high wedges. It's the perfect evening look for me, especially since I already own numerous floral blouses, just like these.  While browsing Etsy this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by these two tropical beauties! ♥


Would love to hear what you think! ♥


  1. I personally like the Boyfriend Jeans better! But I do agree that those shirts look nice with white. How about red or yellow too?

  2. yay for white jeans! i just sold a pair of deadstock white wranglers in san francisco. they were quite yummy. :)and i especially like that top top.

  3. I just got a pair from the Gap after striking out at the thrift store. I'd wear them every day if I could.

  4. Oh those would look nice with those blouses, though I prefer capri pants for the summer.

    ~ Caitie

  5. Hey HenHouse, I'm totally loving the boyfriend jeans as well.. something about that relaxed style is so effortlessly chic! :)

    I agree with you Tracy, the top top is gorgeous & only $10! I was surprised, usually vintage blouses that I like are pretty hard to find...

    Hey there Caitie, when it's super warm outside I prefer capris as well... I don't know what is with the weather lately though, it definatly doesn't feel hot enough to be the middle of June! <3

  6. i say yay! if you can pull of a white jean do it!


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